What is credit?

Credit is the ability of a consumer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future.

What is a credit report?

A credit report is a highlight of your credit activity, current credit situation, and ability to pay back over time.

How long does the credit repair process take?

Everyones credit report is different, so completion times will vary based upon your unique situation. While some will see changes in as little as 30 days, it is best to stay patient and diligent for 60+ days. It has taken years for your credit report to be in the situation that it is in now, but with our proven tactics you are sure to see results via MyScoreIQ (https://member.myscoreiq.com/get-fico-max.aspx?offercode=432124SL)

What is the process?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to dispute any item on your credit report. Using the laws in place, we craft dispute letters and send them out of your behalf.

Do you offer payment plans?

While most credit repair companies will charge upwards of $750 - $1,500 for repair alone, we charge a modest one time startup fee of $250 and a low monthly cost of only $99 for repair, structuring, and funding plans.

What if an item that was removed shows back up on my credit report?

It is not uncommon for an item to be removed and show back up on your credit report. This means that the debt collector sold your information to a new debt collector. Under Federal law, this this illegal and this item must be immediately removed.

What is my real score? FICO vs Vantage Scoring Models

You may wonder why Credit Karma said your credit score was good, yet you were still denied for a credit card, loan, or mortgage. It is because Credit Karma uses the joint Vantage Scoring Model, while most bank and lenders use the individual FICO Scoring Model. Your FICO score can be obtained through a credit monitor such as MyScoreIQ

Which score is most important?

While each bureau serves a different purpose for each lending institution, in the eyes of most lenders, your middle score is a good estimate of your overall credit health.

What items can be disputed/removed?

Any negative listing you feel may be inaccurate, untimely, misleading, incomplete, ambiguous, unverifiable, biased or questionable can be disputed. Any item that can not be proved must be removed!

Will every negative item be removed?

This is a promise that our company can not guarantee. We can guarantee that we will use the most advanced tactics to dispute thoroughly and efficiently.

What does the free consultation include?

We will do an audit of your credit report and send it to you via email. Then we'll go over the specific details of your credit report with you to identify what items in your report are damaging to your credit. We will also analyze your positive credit and explain how to optimize your report using strategic techniques. You are not charged until this is complete and you have decided to move forward with our services. Truly no obligation. Whether or not you sign up, you will be provided with valuable information to progress in your credit journey.